What is human trafficking

Human trafficking is luring people in or out of the country and forcing them into unpaid labour or sex slavery.

Why is this information so relevant to South Africa?

South Africa is a hotspot for human trafficking. Especially now during the Soccer World Cup, during June and July 2010. Just as people move in and out of the country transporting goods and services they also traffic women and children. Modern day slavery is very subtle but is affecting a lot of our young women and children.

South Africa is a transit zone for international child pornography and prostitution.

It is a fundamental human right to be free of sexual exploitation in all its form.

Women and children have the right to sexual integrity and autonomy.

Don’t support sex trade!

Say no to job offers that sound too good to be true!

Modern day slavery exists it is a reality, act against it!

Contact information:

Call centre:

(011) 355 0966/0559/0198/0600

or (011) 355 0956


Who are we?

Steve & Dr. Bernie Dalgety

The Centre was established in 1999 by Steve Dalgety, with the specific purpose to address the ever-increasing number of victims of crime.

History reflects that shortly after the 1994 elections, the crime rate in South Africa increased in levels which left the existing helping professions and professionals, unable to deal with the sudden influx of victims.

One year later Dr. Bernie joined the team and with her social work background immediately improved the supervision and administrative skills to an already highly skilled team………………………Read More

If you need help please complete the form below

Dr. B. Dalgety 083 310 8282     Mr. S. Dalgety 083 226 8481

Why do you need HELP ?

This is one of the fundamental questions to one’s well being. Most people do not ask this question because most likely they know the answer, but refuse to accept their truthful answer.

There is good and bad news in this question!

The good news is that you will more than likely forget the traumatic incident and will try to live your life as you did before.

The bad news is that your body will not forget about the traumatic incident/s. Most likely, you may not experience too many emotional disruptions to your life, but physiologically you will start to manifest physical symptomology of illness, which may ultimately degenerate into one or another disease.

My suggestion is that if you are not sure, ask someone, who is suitably qualified to give you an opinion. Remember that ultimately you are the one making the decision.

It is your life, after all!

When do you need help?

The short answer is: “When you are not coping.”

Many assume incorrectly that professional therapists are speaking about the emotional well being of an individual. This is only partly true.

We are a three dimensional individual:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical

If you are not “coping” in any one of the above, you should speak to a professional therapist.

Help is not only defined by narrative support (talking to someone). The holistic approach will help you to experience the abundant life available to you.

Who is to obtain help?

Here at Alpha House we have been rendering services to the community since 1999.

Some of the services that are available are:

  • Restoring your self esteem & Image (this can be done on an one to one or groups)
  • Regaining control and trauma debriefing (Internationally qualified trauma debriefer)
  • Divorce recovery
  • Annique Lifestyle Program
  • Weight Monitoring Program which includes Hypertension and Glucose & Triglycerides monitoring
  • Vitamin analysis and health care
  • Annique skin care
  • Annique business opportunity.

We are also available for presentations and workshops to companies and church groups.

Other services also available at Alpha House:

  • Legal adoptions
  • Marriage & relationship therapy
  • Play therapy with children
  • Occult and ritual abuse therapy.

Regain control and restore yourself!

Only you can manage your lifestyle and it maybe more important than having a medical aid. Your medical aid is reactive. There is a saying that says that “prevention is better than cure.” This is what we at Alpha House are all about.

Alpha House is concerned about managing the “toxic side effects” of your hectic lifestyle.

Happiness starts with accepting yourself and managing your life’s challenges.

Do not hesitate contact us today to assist you in managing your life’s challenges