Alpha Security & Alarms has championed this cause financially since the inception of Alpha House back in 1999. Piet Moolman and his wife Eileen remain committed to the process of making a difference in people’s lives. They have never doubted the value of the process that Alpha House brings to our local community and to the clients of Alpha Security.

The added “bonus” to Alpha Security clients is that in the event of a traumatic incident taking place at their premises, they will receive free trauma crisis intervention from Dr Steve Dalgety who is a qualified Traumatologist trained by Trauma Services International (TSI).

Piet started Alpha Security & Alarms back in 1986 with two other chaps who soon “sold” their shares to Piet who then undertook the “long” journey on alone. Back then Piet was the sale consultant, installer, monitoring centre operator and often the reaction officer as well. Twenty eight years later Alpha Security & Alarms is one of the leading security company’s in Kempton Park and surrounding areas.

Eileen has been married to Piet for 38 years. They have 5 children, 3 son in laws and 5 grandchildren.

Besides Alpha Security, we have been fortunate to have friends who have helped us to establish the “House”, friends such as RDC and the employees of our local Absa Bank. They have empowered us to achieve the level of décor that we anticipated. We wanted our visitors to feel special and that they would feel we take their pain seriously.

Lee-Ann from RDC arranged a wonderful volley ball day for the security industry, to promote their commitment to the ideals of Alpha House. Over the years we have many compliments about how the premises is so unique, this was made possible by their financial contribution.

The employees of our local Absa Bank (Wolf Street) arranged a golf day and their  financial support was so timely that we were able to upgrade the furniture that after so much use, needed replacing.

How does one thank friends that go out of their way to make these things possible. All Bernie and I can say is, “Thank you!”