History and business profile

The “House” was established in 1999 whilst I was pondering on, how best could I “make” a difference to our community. Whilst in this meditative mode, I was confronted by a fundamental truth. This was both startling and fundamental in the approach that we chose to take. 

Trauma is a fact of life (Levine, 1997:2). 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of like-minded people who also felt they would also love to help people, and if at all possible, to leave a legacy when they moved on. It was with this in mind that Alpha House was birthed! Over the years the “House” has made many wonderful contributions and we are grateful to all those who made their significant contributions.

Left to right Back row (Dr) Bernie Dalgety (Dr) Steve Dalgety (Capt.) Annemarie Potgieter (Deceased) (Dr) Renee van Heerden  Front row left to right Amanda Senekal (Pastor) FH Havinga and (Dr) Nelda van Zyl

It is always very unfortunate that some of our friends have moved on to other pastures. Bernie and I have thanked them for their significant contributions and have wished them all the happiness and success with their future endeavours.

 Alpha House, a Place of Mindful Transformation 

However, it remains our heartfelt belief that Bernie and I still have a contribution to make, specifically in our areas of expertise. We are convinced that mindful transformation is possible, immaterial of the circumstances that we are faced with:- 

  • Crisis, stress and trauma management
  • Relaxation therapy and management
  • Trauma debriefing and restoration therapy which includes:-
  • Mindful based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques, as well as
  • Hypnosis and visualisation techniques
  • Vitamin and herbal remedies
  •  Individual and couples therapy
  • Family structure and roles and responsibilities
  • Divorce, and custody with particular emphasis on assisting and supporting toddlers through this difficult stage of adjustment into the “new” and “blended” family structure.
  • Children assessment and crisis, stress therapy
  • Support and management with step parenting in blended (hersaamgestelde) families
  • Art therapy with children
  • Death and Bereavement counselling
  • Mentorship

 Mission statement

 Our mission statement has not changed over the years and is still to achieve the following:-

It is our belief that we would love to render a service to the physically, emotionally and spiritually hurt people of our community, supporting them and to journey with them, to regain their picture of inspiration, and hope. We would love nothing more than to encourage them to fulfil their purpose and destiny in this life.

Note: When we refer to spirituality we are not speaking of a religious or denominational spirituality. We believe that true spirituality is an awakening of our spiritual understanding which is very different from our psychological and physiological existence. 


Our objectives are:-

To regulate and reverse the damaging effects of stress and trauma and past traumas that often destroy individuals and their relationships,

These traumas include victims of crime which is so rampant in our country but we would also like to include divorce, loss because of separation, relationship failures and relationship disappointments.

  • To reverse the damaging effects of emotional blockages on the physical body, by applying simple everyday vitamin supplementation and herbal remedies, encouraging people to develop,  a “quantum wellness intelligence”,
  • To develop an emotional intelligence to overcome past psychological pains that limit personal growth individually and in relationships,
  • To restore our spiritual intelligence to its rightful natural state and to rejuvenate us by generating higher levels of successful, harmonious energy that was originally intended for us as human beings, and
  • To journey with people whilst they re-establish their pictures of purpose and destiny.

 Who are we, and what are our qualifications you have a right to know?

 Dr. Steve and Dr. Bernie Dalgety.

This is my best friend, closest companion and loving wife, with whom I shall walk with until the end of my life with. I honour you …


  •  D.Litt et Phil degree in Soc Sc at the University of Johannesburg 2001 – 2006
  •  MA degree in Soc. Sc at the Rand Afrikaans University 1991 – 1993
  • BA degree in Soc. Sc. at the Rand Afrikaans University 1982 – 1988
  • Certificate in Play Therapy at the University of Pretoria 1991
  • Practical Training in applying Music Therapy with Dr. M. Johannesburg 1993
  • Certificate in Child Assessment at the RP Clinic in Pretoria 1994
  • Certificate in Relationship Therapy with Children at the RP Clinic Pretoria 1995
  • Certificate in Marital Counseling at the RP Clinic 1996
  • Baby gym Instructor Course with Dr. Melodie De Jager 2006

 Dr. Steve Dalgety

  • Doctor in Philosophy degree in Alternative Medicines (IBAM) 2011 (Trauma and wellness)
  • Master in Arts degree at the Open Commonwealth University 2009 (Trauma)
  • Bachelor of Sciences at the Open Commonwealth University 2004 (Trauma)

 Location of the Dr. Dalgety & Associate practice

The “House” is more located in the heart of Kempton Park within the greater Ekurhuleni Metropolitan District. The street address is:

  • 4 Cypress Street
  • Rhodesfield
  • Kempton Park
  • Gauteng

GPS co-ordinates

  •  26 06’ 37.88 S
  • 28 14’ 05.16 E

 Hours of service

The Practice is open from 08H00 to 13H00, Monday to Friday.

There is no walk in service and prospective clients should contact the practice before arriving for help, this is necessary so that the relevant therapist may be sourced. Not all the therapists are at the practice during office hours.

 Dr. Bernie Dalgety will gladly assist you on 083-310-8282 leave a message and we will return your call.