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The Chaos of Divorce

Divorce; who can tell how devastating it is, strangely nobody ever wants to divorce! Nobody starts their relationship with the thought that “one day” I will divorce you…

No, it never starts that way, yet the statistics tell us a different story don’t they? Information released tells us that two (roughly 66%) of marriages are ending in divorce. We call it the “trauma of divorce” immaterial who initiated the proceedings; everyone feels the pain and is hurting…

One wants out; the other will do “anything” to make it work. One feels that they have the “moral” high ground the other “just cannot take it anymore”! The tragic fact of the matter is that when there are children involved divorce it makes it far more complex to break- up the traditional family structure. Nobody walks away without experiencing some very intense emotions.

There is the unpleasant task of deciding who will “get the children”! Unfortunately these innocent “pawns” are often dragged into the melee’ unwillingly. The children are often the victims of trauma and perhaps separation anxiety, because no matter who says what, they love (both) their Mommy and their Daddy. Why do they have to choose…?

Bernie and I are of the opinion that as consenting adults amiable solutions are available, it is all really about the couple’s emotional intelligence (EQ)! Often one parent feels that they have been depraved of something and that they will make the other party “pay for it”.

This is not necessary, Dalgety & Associate @Alpha House we can support you both parents to do what is best for their children even if the decision is already been taken to divorce. We have been privileged to journey with a number of couples that have decided to “end it” yet after a period of time they have stayed together much to the enjoyment of their children. Unfortunately not all relationships work out this way but the children still get to have a Mommy and a Daddy.

We are willing to journey with you through this “valley” and support you. Contact us on our contact page for further information.