The Front Desk


This week is about our continued journey and journal?

What do the words mean “spiritual intelligence” mean to you?

What spiritual pathway are you on? Is it a idealistic religious work of art striving to perfection, or can you “afford” to make a mistake…?

Do your spiritual beliefs permeate into the “other parts” of your life, for instance your career and how does it shape that dimension? 

How “well” is that part is it beautiful to behold, or is a malignant misformed dimension that is a mission from one month to the next? 

All this talk about spiritual intelligence is really worthless unless it one can practically apply it and absorb it into the other parts of our lives. Many people forget that an acknowledgement of spirituality is essentially an “awakening” that there is a spiritual dimension that exists and that we can “choose” to be part of it or not!

If we “choose” to “feed it” how is this done?

Some will “never” see the spiritual development that they desire because of their “filter” that obscures their vision to see into this “undiscovered” world.

I am curious to hear from you and your opinion about the two concepts, contact me on my  contact page.