News Letter

News flash

We are in the process of encountering another change at Alpha House..

Somebody once said “the one thing constant in this life, is change!”

This is something that I personally have encountered since my involvement with Alpha House. In the beginning (1999) we focussed on drug abuse and its related disruptions on the family.

During 2000 until the untimely death of our good friend and colleague Captain Annemarie Potgieter we focussed on the sexual crimes and related devastating impact that it had on the family. With her passing another chapter in Alpha House closed.

Shortly after this Bernie started to “work” with the toddlers, after many experts had told her that toddlers don’t talk, how can you obtain information from such a small “okie”! Today there are many therapies that can help toddlers “work” through trauma, and the loss due to separation and the divorce of their parents. Divorce meditation is a legal framework aimed at parents who are transitioning through the murky waters of separation and divorce. Technology is available to parents to support them and their precious children through this “nightmare”.

During 2010 we started our personal journey to improve/ develop “spiritual intelligence”. This journey now has another addition and Bernie and I are overwhelmed with the good fortune (is this the higher energy levels) that we have found, and to be able to have another like minded person join us. Jessica Swart will bring so much expertise with her that we are humbled by her decision to be part of us. Bernie and Jessica have walked the proverbial long walk together and after many years a “prophetic” word has began its physical “manifestation”.

Jessica and Bernie are about to launch another dimension to our practice, we will ask you to watch this space for more details.