Marriage counselling

Written by Dr Bernie Dalgety

We will in the coming weeks be adding more content to this page. Dr Bernie Dalgety and Associate are more than passionate about restoring and rejuvenating marriages. Our intense passion to help couples find themselves again or dare we say, to perhaps re-establish their separate identities are highlighted in the way that we work together. It is a common fact that men and women often lose their identity during their day to day “life” journey as Mommy and Daddy! Often, without realizing that they have become the “provider” or the “moms” taxi. They often begin to live their lives through the children. 

We are of the opinion that this is only half of the truth, every person and indeed every couple on this planet deserves to be recognized for who they are or what they want to be become. How often is this forgotten because the Mom and Dad are always the least demanding in the family. Dit is mos hoe n’ Ma en n’ Pa is, of hoe?

We are Christians who believe that everybody has a “second” or “third” chance at life.  Christianity is about the gospel of Grace that has come so that everybody may have life and life in abundance. There is no condemnation for making a mistake

Surely there is more to existence on earth than one’s physiology, emotional, occupational, social, intellectual and sexual well-being. What about discovering a spiritual intelligence? Does something like this actually exist? How does one “tap” into the infinite Source of energy? Wellness is an expression that is heard often but how does this impact your spiritual growth? How does this affect your most intimate part of your life as an individual and as a couple. We would love to introduce you to the “unforced rhythms of life”…

We often start our journey with discovering just who you are?

What are you really like and often this is quite a bit of fun, and is an important for couples who have often lost touch with themselves and often with each other. This is a small part of the recovery process, we make it light and pleasant. It is  in many instances the beginning of finding out why you “actually” got together in the first place. Why you fell in love and perhaps discover why you fell out of love…

We cover so much ground discovering your personal “love” language and your personal language of apology.

Most people can say that they are sorry but is it “good” enough for your partner.  What do they hear? How often does it happen that we feel that they are not sincere in their apology. It not that they are not sincere it is that we have an “expectancy” how we want to hear them say that they are sorry.

Although an elementary question but what are your emotional needs?

Do you know what you want from your partner? Strange question, however we have expectancy and we expect our partner to fulfill our needs but often we cannot even verbalize our need? How will your partner be able to full that need if you son’t even know for sure that is what you want? Surely our “best friend” would do that for me! How times have you journaled or told someone that your partner is clueless about what you “want” from them! How many people are desperately lonely in their relationships because we just don’t talk anymore. Then of course our “needs” change from time to time and if their is no connection to my partner can I articulate that for them?

If this you then why don’t you contact us on our “Talk-to-us” page. We will respond to you and our commitment will be to journey with you if you are willing to make the investment into your own life and relationship.